MY GOLDEN ONES: A bus journey from Kemer to Pamukkale (Turkey)

Please follow the link to read my story “My Golden Ones”, about a bus journey between Kemer and Pamukkale in southern Turkey, on the Caravanistan travel blog.

> My photographs from Turkey can be found in my photo sets.


Читайте мой рассказ “My Golden Ones”, об экскурсии по южной части Турции между городами Кемер и Памуккале , в журнале Caravanistan.

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About Jonathan Campion
JONATHAN CAMPION is a British travel writer, copy editor and Russian-language translator. He now lives in London, after spending four years working and travelling in the Former Soviet Union. Jonathan writes for Ukraine International Airlines' "Panorama" magazine, Mailer Report, and Russia Beyond The Headlines. His writing has also been published in the book 'The Expeditioner's Guide to the World', on the Guardian newspaper's travel pages, and in print and online travel magazines. Twitter: @jonathancampion. Email:

2 Responses to MY GOLDEN ONES: A bus journey from Kemer to Pamukkale (Turkey)

  1. Aletta says:

    I really enjoyed your article. We are going to stay in Kemer in Sept 2012, and really want to visit Pamukkale. Our flight will arrive on a Saturday at noon in Antalya, and we thought to take a bus from there to Pamukkale, stay over, spend the Sunday there and return to Kemer. Would you recommend that or should we rather book in at our hotel in Kemer and go on a day tour in the week?

  2. It’s me , Liliram. I’m so jealous that you went to Pamukkale at a time when you can take a dip in Cleopatra’s pool. It was freezing cold when I went there! Great writing, Jon. As usual………

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