Elektrichka Shock: Escape From Moscow

Tver, Russia, May 2006

In 2005, for my third year at university, I moved to Russia to study Russian in two towns a few hours north of Moscow. In Yaroslavl I had lived with fractious landladies, glued bushy sideburns to my face to act in a play, spent Friday nights with classmates in a nightclub called Joy Party, and made friends with Georgian and Azeri traders at the town’s clothes market. In Tver I had lived in the university hostel with a dozen warm-hearted Finns.

The happy memories were punctuated by being evicted from one apartment, trapped in another, and several bouts of exhausting Russian ‘flu – but the most enduring misfortunes didn’t happen until my last day.

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Photo set: Russia

Some of the photographs I took while studying in Russia in 2004/5, as part of my Russian degree. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge them.

A Church by the river Volga in Tver

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