The Isle of Mull: a Taste of Tobermory


Main Street, Tobermory.


A role in Balamory, a BBC children’s programme about a small Scottish community, has seen Tobermory become a popular choice for visitors to Scotland. The real Tobermory (from the Scottish Gaelic Tobar Mhoire, ‘Mary’s well’), on the north-east tip of Mull, is a lovely place to spend a day or two; it is a small town of friendly people, brightly-coloured craft shops, and cafes that whip locally-caught seafood into delicious meals.

It has been my favourite town since I was a child. While my family stocked up on food in the Co-op supermarket I used to meander from shop to shop – Tackle and Books, Mull Pottery, Tobermory Togs, the souvenir bazaar in the town hall – where the gifts were as unmistakeably Scottish as the sea spray blowing across the street outside. This year I took a walk along Main Street with my camera, and tried to capture the harbour’s colour and charm. Tobermory is as unique and welcoming as it looks on television, but the real fun is found behind the scenes.


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