Another surprise from the makers of QI…


My photography received a wave of unexpected attention yesterday, when theQI Elves (researchers for the BBC quiz show QI, hosted by Stephen Fry) found one of my posts and tweeted it to the programme’s followers.

The interest took my breath away: the post – a photo set of puffins on the Scottish island of Lunga – was viewed 1,620 times between lunchtime and midnight (last year my entire site received on average 15 views per day). A couple of visitors even left a comment. On my previous busiest day there were about 140 page views across MY EUROPE; yesterday the number was 1,999 (more than 10% of total visitors to the site since I created it in 2008).

The fleeting popularity that the QI Elves granted me made my day – but it is the puffins who deserve the 1,620 new fans.


AND THEN…: The QI Elves got back in touch a few months later, to ask whether they…

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