My 10km sponsored run for HealthProm

546573_10150823501456186_1626171879_nOn 18 May in London’s Regent’s Park I will be doing a sponsored 10km run for the development organisation HealthProm – wearing a superhero costume as part of the 2014 Superhero Run.

HealthProm is a London-based team, that works to give vulnerable and disabled children in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe the best start in life. In the Former Soviet Union, where two disabled children every hour are separated from their parents and put in ill-equipped baby homes, HealthProm supports the development of community-based services so that parents can keep their child at home. In Afghanistan, where maternal and infant mortality is one of the highest in the world, they train healthcare staff, and help parents in remote regions to access emergency transport and knowledge so that women can give birth safely.

These causes are very close to my heart; in helping with some of HealthProm’s projects I have seen how dedicated their team is to making vulnerable children’s lives better. And in the parts of the world where they work, a small amount of money really does go a very long way.

You can learn more about HealthProm on their website. Read about the Superhero Run here.

This run is also giving me something to focus my energy on, as I try to get fit for the first time in years. Since beginning training at the start of the year I have lost a stone and a half in weight, my waist is three inches smaller, I have rowed the equivalent of Melbourne to Tasmania and run the same distance as Land’s End to John O’Groats. I’m eating sensibly.

Whether or not I’ll fit into the lycra costume, time will tell…

You can contribute to the money I am raising for HealthProm on my sponsorship page (it’s easy to do). Please also share this page on Facebook and Twitter, via the sharing icons below.

Thank you for your support!



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