Introducing Made in Georgia magazine – issue 1, April 2021

In March 2021 I joined the team launching a new, free monthly magazine – Made in Georgia. Created as a project of the UK-Georgian Trade Hub, edited by former Georgia Today journalist Tamzin Whitewood, and supported by the Georgian Embassy in the United Kingdom and the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce, Made in Georgia brings together Georgian and British writers, journalists and designers to promote Georgian culture, places, food & drink, fashion, business and sport to the world.

After spending time working in Tbilisi for a previous job in the wine & spirits industry, and exploring the country in my free time, Georgia has become one of my favourite places on earth. I have since been able to write about her for Lonely Planet – and here on ‘Eurasian Echoes’ too – and now have an opportunity to write more about the best parts of a vivid and inspiring country.

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For April 2021’s launch edition of Made in Georgia I wrote three pieces. The longest is a feature article ‘Colours of Adjara’, about the Black Sea region of Adjara – home to Georgia’s second city Batumi, ancient cultural sites, and some new beach and ski resorts: 

“For Georgians, the Black Sea region of Adjara has come to mean summer fun, with sweltering days and sultry nights lasting for half the year. But with breathtaking mountains, historical treasures and boisterous festivals, there is much more to her than that…” – Read ‘Colours of Adjara’.

I also wrote an introduction to the magazine’s travel section, ‘Explore Georgia’:

“For a country the size of Scotland, with a population smaller than Rome, Georgia can feel like a vast place. That’s partly because on some of its wild and uncompromising roads, even a journey of a few kilometres can turn into an expedition. The other reason, though, is how many different worlds fit inside Georgia’s borders…” – Read ‘Explore Georgia’.

… and a short piece about Georgia’s place in Greek mythology, ‘In search of the Golden Fleece’:

“These mountain wildernesses have been part of Adjara’s mystery for thousands of years. In Greek legend, Jason and the Argonauts travelled here, when this area of western Georgia was part of the wealthy kingdom of Colchis (“Kolkheti” in Georgian)…” – Read ‘In search of the Golden Fleece’.

The first issue of Made in Georgia also includes a story about the incredible life of Salome Andronikashvili, the Georgian princess, poetic philanthropist and Parisian fashion editor; the story behind Dinamo Tbilisi’s UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup win against West Ham United in 1981; and a guest blog by the writer Viv Groskop. 

Read the whole first issue of Made in Georgia magazine here. Subscribe to the magazine on its homepage, to receive the latest issue by email at the start of every month. And please share this post on your social media – and with anyone who has a connection to Georgia and the Caucasus region!

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