10 ‘false friends’ to watch out for in Russian – Russia Beyond

False friends in Russian Russia Beyond

“If you ever find yourself looking into a Russian kamera (камера), you definitely won’t want to take any photos. This Russian word conjures up images of cramped and dark rooms, from a police cell (kamera) to the ‘left luggage’ room at train stations (kamera khraneniya; камера хранения). Russia’s most famous kamera is the eerie St. Petersburg museum Kunstkamera – a claustrophobic exhibition of freakish artefacts that is not for the faint-hearted. Russians do sometimes use kamera to mean camera, but they usually take photographs with a fotoapparat (фотоаппарат).”

I wrote something for Russia Beyond about the stories behind ten Russian words that don’t mean what you might expect. Read the article to learn why Russian chefs don’t cook; and why Russia is full of lunatics…


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