“Na Zdorovie!”: Ukrainian Food and Drink

In Russian, the language spoken across most of Ukraine, the verb for “to eat” – yest’ – is the same as the one for “to exist”. It goes to show that food has always played an important role in Ukrainian life, and never more so than the present day, as Ukrainians remain some of Europe’s most hospitable people despite being some of its poorest.


The Linguist’s Lot

If November is Ukraine’s most melancholy month, January is its toughest. With the lawyers I work for coming back from their winter breaks with all the enthusiasm of “dvoiki” schoolboys returning to class on the first day of term, and European investors waiting for the results of Ukraine’s presidential elections before calling upon the lawyers, I have all the time in the world to indulge in my hobbies. It is an opportunity to start the year creatively and productively, but the month goes to waste. Determined to develop my writing I search on Kyiv’s newsstands, in its online ‘papers and on the lips of its people for a story to turn into an article – and find that there is only one: the arrival of a bitterly cold spell of weather that puts paid to all but the most mundane activities.