Nottingham: Exploring the Country of Robin Hood

Nottingham's Lace Market

My feature on the English town of Nottingham – “Exploring the Country of Robin Hood” – can be read in the September 2011 issue of Panorama magazine – the in-flight magazine of Ukraine International Airlines.

Photo courtesy of Nottingham Tourism.


3 thoughts on “Nottingham: Exploring the Country of Robin Hood

  1. Ah, Brighton of sandy beaches. I kid you not. Some (American) fellow writers on the sites I contribute to have suggested as much. That, and a travel tip indicting that it’s 4 hours’ journey from London to Oxford. So busy am I trouble-shooting the nonsense! :-)


  2. Nice to virtually meet you, Jonathan. Good luck getting through the Olympics frenzy! I shall not be missing my former tube commute these next few weeks. So random that we both chose to write up Notts recently! Is that home for you?


    • Thank you for your message, Laurie Jo! Notts isn’t quite home: I have family in Woodthorpe and Mansfield, but when I’m not frantically commuting across London home is actually near Brighton.


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