Working remotely from Georgia – Lonely Planet

As part of a feature ‘The 10 best countries for working remotely’ on Lonely Planet, I try to explain why Georgia has been one of my favourite places to work in.

The mood in Georgia is perfect for being creative. It was ranked the fourth-safest country in the world in 2020 by the quality of life researchers Numbeo, and this is how it feels. The internet is great in Tbilisi, but disappears elsewhere (I learned this the hard way, when I went hiking in the Caucasus Mountains for the weekend, got avalanched-in, and went AWOL from work for two days).

At the time of writing (December 2020) Georgia is seriously struggling with the spread of Covid-19, and there are many restrictions and precautionary measures in place throughout the country. Now isn’t the time to visit – but one day Georgia will be a great place to be a digital nomad again. 

Read my introduction to working remotely in Georgia on Lonely Planet


Jonathan Campion is a writer, a translator from Russian and Ukrainian, and a book editor. He has travelled in Eurasia since 2005. Read about his work here, and contact him here.

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