Tipsy travels: a tour of Eurasia’s favourite drinks – Bradt Guides


“For most of my travels I have been under the influence of alcohol. In my defence, I had to be: by a very fortunate twist of fate, I once worked as an analyst in the wine and spirits industry.

Covering the Eurasia region I travelled to several countries to discover what – and how much – the people in this part of the world drink. I learned that a country’s choice of tipple always reveals something great about their culture. Behind the data and numbers in my reports were hundreds of stories – not to mention some delicious memories”.

Continue reading ‘Tipsy travels: a tour of Eurasia’s favourite drinks’, with stories – and recommendations for what to drink – from Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, on the website of Bradt Guides. The article was originally published in the January 2021 issue of Bradt’s ‘Travel Club’.


Jonathan Campion is a writer, a translator from Russian and Ukrainian, and a book editor. He has travelled in Eurasia since 2005. Read about his work here, and contact him here.

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