Swing Lelo: Georgia and Britain’s shared rugby history – for Made in Georgia magazine (issue 2, May 2021)

In March 2021 I joined the team launching a new, free monthly magazine – Made in Georgia. Supported by the Georgian Embassy in the United Kingdom and the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce, Made in Georgia brings together Georgian and British writers, journalists and designers to promote Georgian culture, places, food & drink, fashion, business and sport to the world.

After spending time working in Tbilisi as part of a job in the wine & spirits industry, and exploring the country in my free time, Georgia has become one of my favourite places on earth. For the May 2021 issue of Made in Georgia I wrote about the connections between Georgian and British rugby.


“For Georgia to have a sporting team ranked 12th in the world is an achievement to be proud of. For that sport to be rugby union, a game born in England’s elite schools, and kept within the British Commonwealth for over a century, makes it an even more outlandish feat. The rise of Georgian rugby is one of the great stories in European sport over the last 20 years, with the national team going from unknowns to World Cup mainstays. Along the way, Georgia may not have battled the British nations on the pitch as often as it hoped to, but the countries’ rugby histories have been closely linked in other ways”.

Read ‘Swing Lelo: Georgia and Britain’s shared rugby history’ in Made in Georgia magazine here (after a little introduction to Georgian sport).

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