A translation for The Guardian: ‘I want to live in style’ – the gay provocateur defying rebels in eastern Ukraine


I was recently asked by the Calvert Journal, a website about contemporary culture in the post-Soviet world, to translate an article written in Russian by the journalist Denis Boyarinov for the journal Takie Dela. Today the English version of the article was republished by the Guardian, appearing here on its New East Network, and on the homepage of theguardian.com.

The article is a disturbing, sad, and sometimes very funny, account of the life of Ukrainian fashion designer Mikhail Koptev in the war-zone of the Luhansk People’s Republic.


Möt en resenär: Talking travel with Expedia Sweden

Expedia Sweden

Unexpectedly, and very flatteringly, Expedia Sweden got in touch with me this week for an interview about my travels.

The post appears in the Möt en resenär (‘Meet a traveller’) section of their blog at expedia.se – the English version comes after the Swedish, on the same page.

Most of the places I mention have posts about them on this website: browse my photo sets and stories by clicking on the Categories to the right of this page.

Blue Sky Thinking: A Chat with an Aviation Legend

Fred Finn – the world’s most travelled man

London, November 2011

In July 2011 I was asked by Ukraine International Airlines to organise an interview with Fred Finn, the world’s most travelled man, for their in-flight magazine Panorama. Over 52 years of travelling Mr. Finn has flown more than 24 million kilometres, to 139 countries, and took more flights on Concorde than anyone else.

Our interview “Blue Sky Thinking: A Chat with an Aviation Legend” features some exciting locations, famous people, exotic stories and good advice, and can be found in the November 2011 edition of Panorama.

(Please click on the above link to read the interview. A new page will open, on which you can click on another blue “Panorama” link to open it in pdf format.)

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Kyiv, Ukraine: Eastern Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Please follow the link to read my guide to the city of Kyiv, “Eastern Europe’s Best Kept Secret”, in Travel Addict magazine.

The link will open a new page, from where you can click to read the pdf copy of the magazine.

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