Photo set: Kyiv in Winter

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More winter photographs: Winter in Ukraine.


7 thoughts on “Photo set: Kyiv in Winter

  1. I really have enjoyed looking through your photos. What kind of camera are you using if you don’t mind me asking? – I apologize if you already mentioned this somewhere else on the site, but i have not found it yet. Thanks


  2. Match the mood you’ve brilliantly captured in Boy on a Bus to the meditation in Borderland. That might be a way to help the reader to move from detail to detail in that entry.


  3. Hi Jon! that was an amazing shot! u sure have a knack in photography! keep it up! (havent read the essay yet but i will & comment on it :), what strikes me most tho is d photo! so brilliant!


  4. Lovely photo essay. As I look at it from the heat of Buenos Aires, I can feel the cold and feeling of winter from the images.

    Dan and I were talking last night about how we’d like to visit Ukraine during our next visit to Europe. Your photos and stories on this website really make us curious to see this country for ourselves. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Jon,I really like your photos of a cold and snowy Kiev.It looks like such a beautiful city!It’s amazing how snow softens and smooths the outlines of the familiar and makes it magic somehow!Hope you will post some more images before the milder and longer days arrive and the thaw of the distant spring sets in.Yes,I heard those legend too!

    Best wishes,



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